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Written by Stephen Burton

Mysterious Benefactor ‘B2’ Donates hard to find resource of tech diving theory downloads. All the complex stuff you always wanted to understand but couldn’t find it in any books… get yourself a cup of coffee, then download and read these great articles written by the experts in decompression theory and practice.

US Navy Diver Manual. 1000 pages of 'must read' diving theory for the wreck diving enthusiast. One of many programs available on the 'Amazing Thailand' diving program CD. See ordering instruction below.

The U.S. Navy Diving Manual (above). If you’d like a copy of this and many other types of diving software and dive equipment maintenance manuals, follow this link

Mark Ellyatt 313meter Deep Dive Article. MS-WORD(56KB)
John Bennet 308meter Deep Dive Article. MS-WORD(17KB)
Mark Ellyatt 260meter Deep Dive Article. MS-WORD(366KB)
Mark Ellyatt Scary Copper Mine Dive, MS-WORD(421KB)
The Milan – 235 meter deepest ever wreck dive report.pdf ( 500Kb)
Understanding M-Values. PDF(135KB)
Deep Stops Explained. PDF(126KB)
Deco lessons. PDF(103KB)
OTU & CNS Calculations. PDF(110KB)
Calculating No-stop times. PDF(11KB)
DSAT TecDeep Log book page PDF(51KB)
PADI/DSAT TecDeep Dive Planning Sheet(106KB)
Penetration Diving Turn_pressure_calculator (155Kb)
IANTD Dive Planning form(110KB)
IANTD Log Book Page Blank(139KB)
Technical Dive Equipment Checklist(25KB)
Isobaric Counter Gas Transport – Inner Ear Decompression Sickness
Treating an CNS Acute Oxygen Attack underwater(26Kb)
In water Decompression Sickness Treatment(163Kb)

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