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Gulf of Siam – Coastal bulk carrier

  Vessel Name: Unknown Vessel Nationality: Unknown Type of Vessel: Costal bulk carrier Depth to Wreck in Meters: 39 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 47 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Gulf of Siam WGS Co-ordinates North: 11,19.00 WGS Co-ordinates East: 102,28.00 Length (m): 50 Width (m): 10 Tonnage: Number of Props: How the Vessel Sunk?: […]

Japanese Tanker Sunk WW2

  Vessel Name: Unknown Vessel Nationality: Japanese Type of Vessel: Tanker Depth to Wreck in Meters: 19 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 20 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Gulf of Thailand WGS Co-ordinates North: 10.54 WGS Co-ordinates East: 99.36 Length (m): Width (m): Tonnage: 800 Number of Props: How the Vessel Sunk?: 17 July 1945 […]

Japanese WW2 Tug Wreck

Discovered 2021, By Oliver Zaiser, Sebastian Gintschel, Michael Blaney Davidson Location:- Gulf of Siam Registration:- Not known – Sunk 30 May 1945 during the last few months of WW2 by USS Bergall Classification:- Japanese Merchant Marine Tug. Photo Credit : Michael Blaney Davidson Online library of all Japanese losses during WW2 at Map of […]

Burma Maru Discovered 60 miles off Cambodian coast

Japanese Navy Ship Burma Maru Wreck discovery 2017 Written by Stephen Burton (Gulf of Siam) Depth 50-63 meters (Normoxic Trimix recommended)  All dive photos Courtesy of Mikko Paasi – Preliminary report and additional photos received from Oliver Zeiser Lloyds Shipping register record of the Burma Maru’s loss A telegraph rises from the murk – the stuff of divers […]

USS Lagarto Sub

 USS Lagarto Submarine Discovered 2005, By Jamie MacLeod, Stewart Owhl and the crew of MV Trident Shipwreck Research Vessel   Location:- Southern Gulf of Siam – South China Sea Registration:- American SS-371, Sunk 05/03/1945 Classification:-     Balao Class Submarine Specifications:-  1,526 tons. 311.8ft x 27ft. SS-371. Depth:- 72meters in open ocean; An extremely challenging Trimix technical […]

Vertical Wreck

The Vertical Wreck Also known as Pak 1 or ‘The Koho Maru-5’ Written by Stephen Burton (Gulf of Thailand) Depth 42meters; Air, Nitrox, ‘recommended technical decompression diving only’ The First Sinking… The 25-year-old tanker owned by the PAK Line originally sank at WGS84 N11’41.9, E101’40.8 on Aug 25, 1996, 50 kilometers west of Koh Chang […]

The Seacrest Drill Ship

The Seacrest Drill Ship a.k.a ‘The Scan Queen’ Written by Stephen Burton (Southern Gulf of Thailand) Depth 70meters ; Trimix diving only Sunk by ‘Typhoon Gay’ 3 November 1989. source: Wikipedia Tonnage : 4,400 gross tonnage, Length : 110 m Breadth : 20 m Draught :6m Details of Sinking:- Sunk by ‘Typhoon Gay’ 3 November […]

The Liberty Wrecks

H.T.M.S. Pattini, H.T.M.S. Phali, and H.T.M.S. Nongsarhai Written by Stephen Burton Depth 30meters; Air, Nitrox, Technical diving New wreck site, hidden for 20 years!  Information Kindly sent by Khun Pichit Muangnapoe. Above pictures courtesy of the Royal Thai Navy Archives web site Located in the middle of the gulf of Thailand.  H.T.M.S. Pattini, H.T.M.S. […]

The Big C5

The Big C5, Prachuap Sirikhan Written by Stephen Burton Depth Unknown STOP PRESS May 19th 2005>>>Oil tanker sinks off Southern Thailand Coast PRACHUAP KHIRIKHAN, May 18 (TNA) – The marine ecosystem in Thailand’s upper southern province of Prachuap Khiri Khan has been put jeopardy by an oil tanker which capsized a week ago in fierce […]

Arosan Maru

Arosan Maru 6,886 tons Written by Stephen Burton Sunk By the USS Hardhead 3 April 1945 Picture courtesy of the Japanese Maritime Museum, Kobe Translation from Japanese report by Yuki-san Departed Saigon 03/04/45 05/04/45:-Hit by lightning, not too bad and moved on past Fukoku Island 06/04/45 :-9 .18 N   102 50 E, near Panjang Island 2nd […]

Mystery Marus

Mystery Marus Written by Stephen Burton Japanese Merchant Shipping Losses due to World War II totaled 7,240 Vessels made up from the following types General, Public & Private Steamers:- 3,575 Ships Sail Boats:- 2,070 ships Fishing Boats:- 1,595 ships (Source – Japanese Naval Museum, Kobe) Dozens of Japanese ‘Maru’ or large commercial transport vessels were […]

HIJMS Hatsutaka

HIJMS Hatsutaka Written by Stephen Burton discovered 3rd April 2008 Wreck Report & Images Courtesy of Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao The Japanese Minelayer HIJMS Hatsutaka was completed in October 1939. Built by Harima & Co. Hatsutaka gave it’s name to that class of ship. Measuring 90.9 metres in length with a 11.3 metre beam, […]


Akela Written by Stephen Burton Gulf of Thailand Near Cambodian Border Discovered April 2008 The vessel was discovered by a team of international Technical Divers from the MV Trident Jamie MacLeod , MV trident Shipwreck Research Vessel (Photograph of Vessel very similar to the Akela, manufactured by the same shipyard) (click images above for 100kb […]

SS Carrie

SS Carrie ( nickname) Written by Stephen Burton picture credit – Deep Sea Detective Richie Kohler diving on MV Trident   VESSEL_NATIONALITY: some sort of Chinese TYPE_OF_VESSEL: Freighter – post war DEPTH_WRECK: 55 DEPTH_SEABED: 75 LOCATION: Gulf GPS_NORTH: 9 GPS_EAST: 102.3 WRECK_LENGTH: 110 WRECK_WIDTH: 18 WRECK_TONS: 6000 + WRECK_PROPS: 1 BOTTOM_CONDITION: sand SENDER_EMAIL: SENDER_DIVESHOP_EMAIL: […]

Nanmei No5

VESSEL_NAME: Nanmei No5 maru Written by Stephen Burton VESSEL_NATIONALITY: Japanese WWII TYPE_OF_VESSEL: tanker DEPTH_WRECK: 60 DEPTH_SEABED: 74 LOCATION: gulf GPS_NORTH: 9.3 GPS_EAST: 102 WRECK_LENGTH: 50 WRECK_WIDTH: 8 WRECK_TONS: 2500 WRECK_PROPS: 1 BOTTOM_CONDITION: sand SENDER_EMAIL: SENDER_DIVESHOP_URL: Date: Sunday, May 11, 2008 Time: 10:16:35 PM HOW_WRECK_SUNK: torpedoed USS Hammerhead 1945, 2 miles from Sakura maru […]