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Gulf of Siam – Coastal bulk carrier

  Vessel Name: Unknown Vessel Nationality: Unknown Type of Vessel: Costal bulk carrier Depth to Wreck in Meters: 39 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 47 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Gulf of Siam WGS Co-ordinates North: 11,19.00 WGS Co-ordinates East: 102,28.00 Length (m): 50 Width (m): 10 Tonnage: Number of Props: How the Vessel Sunk?: […]

Japanese Tanker Sunk WW2

  Vessel Name: Unknown Vessel Nationality: Japanese Type of Vessel: Tanker Depth to Wreck in Meters: 19 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 20 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Gulf of Thailand WGS Co-ordinates North: 10.54 WGS Co-ordinates East: 99.36 Length (m): Width (m): Tonnage: 800 Number of Props: How the Vessel Sunk?: 17 July 1945 […]

Japanese WW2 Tug Wreck

Discovered 2021, By Oliver Zaiser, Sebastian Gintschel, Michael Blaney Davidson Location:- Gulf of Siam Registration:- Not known – Sunk 30 May 1945 during the last few months of WW2 by USS Bergall Classification:- Japanese Merchant Marine Tug. Photo Credit : Michael Blaney Davidson Online library of all Japanese losses during WW2 at Map of […]

Burma Maru Discovered 60 miles off Cambodian coast

Japanese Navy Ship Burma Maru Wreck discovery 2017 Written by Stephen Burton (Gulf of Siam) Depth 50-63 meters (Normoxic Trimix recommended)  All dive photos Courtesy of Mikko Paasi – Preliminary report and additional photos received from Oliver Zeiser Lloyds Shipping register record of the Burma Maru’s loss A telegraph rises from the murk – the stuff of divers […]

Ocean Dream Cruise ship

OCEAN DREAM SHIPWRECK The Gulf of Siam’s biggest shipwreck  Sunk 28 February 2016 aka ‘Spirit of London, 1972-1974, Sun Princess, 1974-1988, Majestic, Starship Majestic, 1988-1994 Southern Cross, 1995-1998 Flamenco, New Flamenco, Flamenco-1, 2008-1010 Ocean Dream, 2012-2016 Ocean Dream(1972-2016) on wiki Written by Stephen Burton  (Pattaya, Thailand) Dive Details The wreck lays on her port side partialy submerged in […]

HTMS Chang LST-2, (USN LST-898) Main Online archive for this vessel Vessel Name: HTMS Chang Vessel Nationality: Thai Type of Vessel: Landing Ship Tank (LST) Depth to Wreck in Meters: 3 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 32 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand WGS Co-ordinates North: 11°53’41.48″N WGS Co-ordinates East: 102°15’26.94″E Length (m): 117 Width (m): […]

Yong Hua wreck report – Koh Lipe

Vessel Name: Yong Hua Vessel Nationality: Thai Type of Vessel: Fish Processing Depth to Wreck in Meters: 30 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 42-45 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Koh Lipe WGS Co-ordinates North: 06deg 28min 59.7sec WGS Co-ordinates East: 99deg 17min 1.4sec Length (m): 65 Width (m): 15 Tonnage: 500 estimated Number of Props: […]

Technical Dive Sites

Technical Dive Sites Written by Stephen Burton PICTURE CREDITS:- Mark Ellyatt at [Thailand, all locations] Depths 80-300meters; Trimix technical diving onlyonly (Please email me Steve Burton to add your dive site’s details) The “Samaesan Hole” (Pattaya) Dive Site Details At a depth 85meters/ 280ft This is the deepest dive site in the Gulf of […]

Malasian Wrecks

Big Wrecks off Malaysia… Written by Stephen Burton Image Courtesy of     click here for hi-res image The Beautiful ‘Sun Vista’ ( previously SS Meridian ) Location: Approx 45miles West of Penang, Malaysis in the Andaman Sea 27,888 GRT 701 x 93.8 feet Twin Screw, geared De Laval turbines from builders 25.5 knots 44,000 shaft […]

HTMS Chonburi HTMS Songkra

HTMS Songkla (No 33) HTMS Thonburi, a.k.a Dhonburi (No 34). Written by Stephen Burton The HTMS Thonburi was 76 m x 14 m. The torpedo boat wreckss at Koh Chang HTMS Chonburi and HTMS Songkla were 67 x 6,5 m. [ Koh Chang ] depth 5-12meters; air diving HTMS Thonburi and HTMS Songkra 17 มกราคม […]

King Cruiser Wreck

King Cruiser Wreck Written by Stephen Burton between Phuket and Koh Phi-Phi Shipwreck GPS Locations N07.47.830, E09.83.889 Depth 32meters ; Suitable for air, nitrox, technical diving  Underwater picture (above) courtesy of Deep-Blue Divers Details of sinking The King Cruiser sank on the 4th of May 1997 apparently miles off course after striking the popular […]

Coral Reef Squadron

The Coral Reef Squadron Written by Stephen Burton Latest Pictures by Ayesha Cantrell Photos used with the kind permission of Ayesha Cantrell Photos of wreck dated Wednesday, March 11, 2009 +++ The Coral squadron is prepared for sinking – Historical Report Proposed sinking site – 1km offshore, Bang Tao bay, […]

Large Freighter

Large freighter Written by Stephen Burton West coast of Phuket More pictures – From Deep Blue Divers Phuket  click any image for a Hi-res photo Identity confirmed 19th March 2008 Wreck Discovery Report Following an intensive search for new wrecks in the Phuket area over the past few weeks, an expedition team from Deep Blue […]

HMS Vestal

HMS Vestal Written by Stephen Burton (Phuket, Southern Thailand) Depth 70meters ; Trimix diving only “The last British Royal Naval vessel sunk during WWII” Details of Sinking:- The HMS Vestal, an Algerine class minesweeper was hit by a Japanese kamikaze plane during the closing days of WWII, the Vestal  was extensively damaged and was deemed […]

SS Petaling

The SS Petaling / SS Pandai ? Written by Stephen Burton Historical Records The SS Petaling is a steamboat built at the Sungei Nyok docks for Straits Steamship Co. Ltd in Singapore in 1928. Not very much is known about this vessel other than is written on the shipyard plate(see above), but what is known […]