Yong Hua wreck report – Koh Lipe


Yong Hua wreck location at koh Lipe

Yong Hua Dive Profile

Vessel Name: Yong Hua
Vessel Nationality: Thai
Type of Vessel: Fish Processing
Depth to Wreck in Meters: 30
Depth to Seabed in Meters: 42-45
Location eg Gulf of Siam: Koh Lipe
WGS Co-ordinates North: 06deg 28min 59.7sec
WGS Co-ordinates East: 99deg 17min 1.4sec
Length (m): 65
Width (m): 15
Tonnage: 500 estimated
Number of Props: 2
How the Vessel Sunk?: Sank around 1990 after an on-board fire. salvage was attempted, wreck was patialy floated into shallower water but aborted after a fatal accident. floatation tanks remain on the seabed.
Vessel Activity Priot to Sinking: Fish Processing
Other Information: It rests, intact on its starboard side on a sandy bottom in 42-45m of water. Descent is made by shot line and touch down on the wreck is about 28-30m. Wreck is settling into the seabed.
Bottom Topology: Sand
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