Mystery Marus

Mystery Marus

Written by Stephen Burton

Japanese Merchant Shipping Losses due to World War II totaled 7,240 Vessels made up from the following types

General, Public & Private Steamers:- 3,575 Ships

Sail Boats:- 2,070 ships

Fishing Boats:- 1,595 ships

(Source – Japanese Naval Museum, Kobe)

Dozens of Japanese ‘Maru’ or large commercial transport vessels were sunk in the Gulf of Siam and South China Sea during the latter stages of WWII. Most were sank as a direct result of American submarine action …and Allied Forces aerial bombing runs from India.

 Gentlemen; Some of these vessels are HUGE 10,000 ton class vessels and will need several dives just to get a feel for them. !

 ‘The  Tottori Maru 5,917tons

And Another one…

50 miles east of Tao.

About 3000 ton,80 m x 14m, lying on port side, bristling with telegraphs, one in the wheelhouse, one on bow, one on the stern, one in the engine room, winches, generators, compasses etc. two AA gun placements but the guns have fallen off. Huge great house sized generator or similar electrical unit amidships. I think this is a mine layer or similar, looks like it’s been hit from the air. hull is good but superstructure is wide open, portholes fall out if you shake them Rough lat / long 10 30, 100 30, an easy 5 hour run. Next trip 30/08 , 2N/2D. no name as yet.

Information courtesy of Jamie Macleod