The Liberty Wrecks

H.T.M.S. Pattini, H.T.M.S. Phali, and H.T.M.S. Nongsarhai

Written by Stephen Burton

Depth 30meters; Air, Nitrox, Technical diving

New wreck site, hidden for 20 years!

 Information Kindly sent by Khun Pichit Muangnapoe. Above pictures courtesy of the Royal Thai Navy Archives web site

Located in the middle of the gulf of Thailand.  H.T.M.S. Pattini, H.T.M.S. Phali, and H.T.M.S. Nongsarhai, Three Royal Thai Navy battleships were sunk as target ships during the 70’s and 80’s. Only 3 hours cruise from Pranburi, recreational SCUBA divers can enjoy rich marine life and thrilling adventure of wreck dives.

Bridge of H.T.M.S. Phali. A long (52 meter) Thai navy gunship. Sunk at the depth of 30 meters.  

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