C47 Aircraft Wreck

C47 Skytrain Aircraft Wreck, Koh Tao

Written by Stephen Burton

( Picture courtesy of  http://www.jetplanes.co.uk  )

GPS Location

10 54 608N 100 22 217E

History of the Sinking


Dive Site Description

The wreck itself is intact as far as we can see. We cannot confirm that the cockpit is open as there is quite heavy netting in that area. Most of the wings are intact although the propellers on the engines are missing. At the present we have sent off the pictures to the American Air Force to see if we can find out any information regarding the pilot and the mission she was on.  We plan to go back there in a week to clear the netting on the cockpit.

USAF reply follows:-

“The Gulf of Thailand wreckage photos posted by the Web administrator appear to be one of the emergency escape hatch/windows from a Douglas C-47 type airplane.
The C-47 emergency escape hatch/window is the fifth window going aft on either the starboard or port side of the aircraft. The hatch release handle at the bottom of the hatch is the crucial clue. For those enthusiasts who don’t have access to an actual C-47 airplane, a picture of the C-47 interior can be found on page 27 of Squadron Signal’s publication “C-47 Skytrain in Action.”

“The distinctive hatch can be seen in the photo. The window in the hatch that is featured in the diver’s photograph does not have the famous ‘rifle hole’ that can be found on some C-47 type airplane windows. The white paint and the absence of zinc chromate or green paint indicate to me that it is probably a civilian operated C-47. Good Luck identifying that one.”

Anthony J. Mireles, Colonel, CAF.

Last Dived by: Tim Lawrence at Davy Jones’ Locker, Mae Haad, Koh Tao.  Tel 077-456216