HTMS Nakha

HTMS Nakha (Former US Navy LCS 102)

Written by Stephen Burton

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The original article published by Pattaya Mail, Thailand is available online at  &

This ship was NOT sunk as a wreck, but is included within this web site due to it’s functional similarity to other wrecks found in Thai waters.

LCS-102 was build by the US Navy in 1945 and saw active duty during WWII. She has been in proud service with the Thai Navy since 1966, and was in full operational condition at the time of decommissioning.

She was handed back to Veterans of the United States of America in May 2007.

The story was widely covered by local press agencies, and scanned extracts of these reports are given above.

The vessel is of a similar type (and would have worked along side) two famous Pattaya shipwrecks the HTMS Khraam, and HTMS Kut which were sunk as artificial reefs and are covered in great detail elsewhere on