Torpedo Wreck

‘Torpedo’ Wreck

[offshore from Koh Tao]

depth 55meters; air/nitrox technical decompression diving

Max Depth: 54 meters
Diver Rating: Deep Specialty +
Average Visibility: 10-30 meters

The Torpedo Wreck is a 70 meter Japanese cargo boat sitting upright about 2 hours north from Koh Tao. This dive site provides ideal depths and situations for deep specialties and all levels of the DSAT TecRec program.

Lies upright in 55m, two hours north of Tao. 60 meters long, two large holds, crane collapsed onto the deck. three levels of  easy penetration on the stern – engine room, accommodation, wheelhouse. Bit of a wriggle into the bow compartment. Nice big bow, loads of fish. Viz always 10 m + at depth, 30 + above 30m. Sank mid seventies, called the torpedo as the cargo of teak logs look like torpedoes

last dived by:- Jamie Macleod at MASTERTEC KOH TAO     Tel:- 077-456783