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  1. Japanese WW2 Tug Wreck
  2. 2012 Latest ‘Offshore Gulf of Thailand’ wreck diving trip schedule
  3. 2011 Seacrest Drill ship – More history on this tragic drill ship sinking comes to light
  4. 2010 Local shipwreck researcher Alex Beuchel recreates shipwreck 3D CAD model from dive site measurements
  5. 2009 Local Tech diver Ted Conner drowns during 50 meter wreck dive at Koh Tao, Thailand
  6. 2008 Ten Decommissioned Military Aircraft prepared to make an artificial reef in Phuket
  7. 2008 Cargo ship ‘Akela’ discovered by MV Trident with Richie Kohler from TV’s wreck detectives on board
  8. 2008 HIJMS Hatsutaka discovered by Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao, Thailand
  9. 2008 Huge Shipwreck ‘Sunshine 1’ discovered off Phuket, Thailand
  10. 2008 Piles of ‘Made in Occupied Japan’ Porcelain and Naval artifacts discovered in Gulf of Thailand wreck
  11. 2008 HMS Suddhadib – Latest CAD Generated wreck imagery released
  12. 2007 HTMS Khram, HTMS Kut, Latest Penetration dive photos added with updated CAD drawing of wreck
  13. 2007 Thai historian unearths local records for the HTMS Thonburi sinking at the battle of Koh Chang
  14. 2007 HTMS Nakha WWII LCS-102 handed over to US Navy Veterans
  15. 2006 US Navy confirms Mystery USS Submarine identity
  16. 2006 Veteran UNOCAL commercial diver Fred Evans drowns during CCR rebreather wreck dive
  17. 2006 Mystery Pattaya shipwreck – Naval Historian unravels her origins and travels the world to interview those who sank her
  18. 2006 USS Lagarto – New findings and report from US Navy sanctioned external survey
  19. 2005 Closure, WW II sub found under the sea – Chicago Tribune
  20. 2005 Thai Naval Vessel RTMS Good proposed sinking at Koh Phai proposed