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HTMS Chang LST-2, (USN LST-898) Main Online archive for this vessel Vessel Name: HTMS Chang Vessel Nationality: Thai Type of Vessel: Landing Ship Tank (LST) Depth to Wreck in Meters: 3 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 32 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand WGS Co-ordinates North: 11°53’41.48″N WGS Co-ordinates East: 102°15’26.94″E Length (m): 117 Width (m): […]

Yong Hua wreck report – Koh Lipe

Vessel Name: Yong Hua Vessel Nationality: Thai Type of Vessel: Fish Processing Depth to Wreck in Meters: 30 Depth to Seabed in Meters: 42-45 Location eg Gulf of Siam: Koh Lipe WGS Co-ordinates North: 06deg 28min 59.7sec WGS Co-ordinates East: 99deg 17min 1.4sec Length (m): 65 Width (m): 15 Tonnage: 500 estimated Number of Props: […]

2012 Latest ‘Offshore Gulf of Thailand’ wreck diving trip schedule

Gulf of Thailand Shipwreck Diving Trips & Report Written by Stephen Burton Dive Centers – if you have any serious wreck trips coming up – have them posted here! send me the details + photos to or All images above, copyright of Chris Clark  ‘used with permission’ SHIPWRECK DIVE TRIPS – THAILAND […]

2008 Ten Decommissioned Military Aircraft prepared to make an artificial reef in Phuket

The Coral squadron is prepared for sinking – Historical Report Proposed sinking site – 1km offshore, Bang Tao bay, Phuket Proposed depth 20meters May 2008 – Ten Decommissioned Military Aircraft wait (and wait and wait) to become an artificial reek in Phuket Photographer:- Khun Kititnun Rodsupan    Photo courtesy of The Daily Express Magazine

2008 HIJMS Hatsutaka discovered by Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao, Thailand

HIJMS Hatsutaka discovered 3rd April 2008 Introduction Throughout the Second World War, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysian peninsular was the scene for much naval conflict, with the loss of many military and cargo vessels. The relatively shallow depth throughout this region means through the application of deep technical diving techniques, we can explore the […]

2008 Huge Shipwreck ‘Sunshine 1’ discovered off Phuket, Thailand

Large Freighter West coast of Phuket More pictures – From Deep Blue Divers Phuket  click any image for a Hi-res photo Identity confirmed 19th March 2008 Wreck Discovery Report Following an intensive search for new wrecks in the Phuket area over the past few weeks, an expedition team from Deep Blue Divers, Joerg Zebisch, Barry […]

2008 HMS Suddhadib – Latest CAD Generated wreck imagery released

The Wreck of the Steamship Suddhadib   click any image above for HIRES 1MB .jpg image All Computer generated images courtesy of Mr Alex Beuchel, Used with permission. click image for 200K image. Click HERE for HD 4Mb image Nudibranchs on the Hardeep Ship wreck, hardeep Cathedral Photo – by diver Charlie Frost – […]

2007 Thai historian unearths local records for the HTMS Thonburi sinking at the battle of Koh Chang

HTMS Songkla (No 33)  HTMS Thonburi, a.k.a Dhonburi (No 34). The HTMS Thonburi was 76 m x 14 m. The torpedo boat wreckss at Koh Chang HTMS Chonburi and HTMS Songkla were 67 x 6,5 m. [ Koh Chang ] depth 5-12meters; air diving HTMS Thonburi and HTMS Songkra 17 มกราคม พุทธศักราช 2484 เข้าทำการรบกับ หมู่เรือรบฝรั่งเศสที่เกาะช้าง […]

2007 HTMS Nakha WWII LCS-102 handed over to US Navy Veterans

HTMS Nakha (Former US Navy LCS 102) The original article published by Pattaya Mail, Thailand is available online at  & This ship was NOT sunk as a wreck, but is included within this web site due to it’s functional similarity to other wrecks found in Thai waters. LCS-102 was build by the US […]